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    The products of huangfu industrial trade co.,Ltd are in strict accordance with the national standard GB17565-1998 "anti-theft security doors GM technology series" for material procurement, production and testing. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and further work to do a good job and improve after-sales service reputation of the Company; In order to better promote the guarantee to customer satisfaction as the center of the tracking services to help customers address the improper use of such factors as the quality problems caused can not be restored the difficulties of the status quo; under the "People's Republic of China Law on the Protection of consumer rights" and other laws and regulations, especially the development of after-sales service commitment:
A home and the distribution network 24 hours a day, public holidays, personnel are on duty at night.
Second, a sound file of the user can accurately trace the whereabouts of sold products, regular visits to the user.
Third, the sale of products within one year free warranty, one year after the maintenance paid.
Fourth, the replacement of parts maintenance fees: more than normal wear and tear warranty and thewarranty man-made damage, according to the company providing for the subscription.

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